Industrial hot-water or steam boilers rentals for high-capacity industrial heating of water and steam production.

Our portable and mobile high-efficiency boilers are ready for delivery and can service a heating network and provide hot water and steam for your industrial processes. They can be combined to increase their capacity, and come with 24/7 service provided by our industrial boiler experts.

Our fuel oil tanks enable our heating equipment to work autonomously for several days before having to be refuelled. We also offer a complete range of accessories including circulation pumps, piping, cushion tanks, electric cables and other related equipment to speed up or facilitate installation.

Technical characteristics

  • Steam pressure: 150 PSI
  • Maximum service temperature: 110°C
  • Electric, oil, gas or propane
  • Up to 8,000,000 BTU (250 HP) and up to 8,500 lb/h (2,500 kW) and more


  • Natural gas/domestic fuel combination burners
  • Circulation pump
  • Double-wall fuel oil tanks
  • Flexible cables and adaptor connectors
  • Steam generator
  • Auxiliary and recovery tanks
  • Water and steam heat exchangers

Complete Package

  • Assessment of your heating and process needs
  • Same-day professional installation
  • Units guaranteed for the duration of the contract
  • Multiple units
  • Service available 24/7